Many people, and third-party components, contributed to Refills

Design and Chief Coder

Gavin McKenzie — Founder. Developer Guru. Enterprise Expert. Angry Pumpkin Numero Uno

Marketing, Attitude, and Chief Motivator

Sarah Samplonius — Writer. Marketing Guru. General Critic. Angry Pumpkineer.


Testing was conducted with the awesome TestFlight service.
Many thanks to the members of the Ottawa CocoaHeads group for beta testing.


App Icon

The Refills App icon was designed by Darran Morris of App Bits

Icons Used in Refills

Refills uses the awesome Glyphish Pro set of icons.


Third Party Code

HUD Popups

Refills includes the atomHUD software by atomcraft.

JSON Framework

Refills includes the SBJson framework.

Phone Number Formatter

Refills includes phone number formatting code by Ahmed Abdelkader.


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