Refills worries about your meds, so you don't have to.

  • We're all busy. Ordering refills on medication is not always the first thing we think of in the morning or the last thing at night. And let's be honest, it shouldn't be. The Refills App tracks your medications for you, counting down on your quantities and displaying a clear indication of how many days, weeks, or months, remain on each medication.

    This means that you are not only immediately up-to-date on due dates, but also can plan important trips or vacations with a detailed summary of which meds you need to refill prior to departure. If you forget, the Refills App sends you a quick alert, letting you know a medication is coming up for refill. And you can call your doctor or pharmacy directly from the Refills App on your iPhone.

    For the first time you can push the thought of medication refills out of your mind and let the Refills App take over. You've got better things to worry about.

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